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Development of speculative industrial buildings or BTS, based on the search for investors, leveraged financing and the management of industrial portfolios or properties.

The Industrial Gate team collectively boasts experience in managing over 300 historically significant Real Estate properties, engaging in investment, development, management, sale, and portfolio performance stages for A-class industrial buildings and land properties.

Escobedo Monterrey, Industrial Gate Escobedo.
New buildings or constructions (less than 15 years old), with infrastructure and services at the foot of the lot, good communication for distribution and logistics on main avenues, minimum clear height of 32 feet, tilt-up walls, 3% office space, 5% natural light.
Lease where the rent includes the payment of the base rent, property taxes, insurance and maintenance of common areas.
Maintenance fees for maintenance and care costs for shared areas and systems (roofs, patios, parking lots, ICS, maintenance plants).
Improvements or additions to the building by the tenant that are outside of the base rent and that may add value to the building, (examples are mezzanines, tpo, sprinklers, +3% office, +5% lighting).
Tenant-specific improvements that are usually only operational and do not add value to the building and are not included in base rent or tenant improvements (6+ floor thickness, in-rack sprinklers, 6 air changes, production toilets, emergency power generators).
Location that makes the operation more agile in terms of connection between the point of arrival and departure to the destination (not wasting time in traffic and driving as few km as possible).
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design), a system to evaluate and encourage the development of sustainable and resource-efficient buildings and construction.
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