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Unlocking business success: Industrial gateways in Nuevo Leon and Baja California for LATAM and US markets

Asian companies looking to expand into the Latin American (LATAM) and US markets face a crucial decision: where to establish their operations. Among the numerous potential locations, industrial parks in Nuevo Leon and Baja California, Mexico, stand out due to their unique combination of strategic advantages. This paper delves into the key factors that make these industrial parks ideal for Asian companies, analyzing their benefits in the context of both LATAM and US market penetration.

As the United States approaches the 2024 elections, regional challenges are anticipated. Mexico also faces elections on June 2, 2024, though most changes in regional power are expected in the Central and Southern regions. Despite uncertainties, all three presidential candidates have expressed support for Asian investments, which help reduce dependence on the US economy. 

The Northern Region of Mexico is known for its hard-working populace, business-friendly attitudes, openness to new industries, and financial stability. Politically, the region has upheld free-market policies for over a century and is known for its conservative values. These factors contribute to a stable and welcoming environment for foreign investors.


      • NAFTA and USMCA

    Mexico’s participation in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), now the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), grants Asian companies based in Mexico duty-free access to the massive US market. This eliminates trade barriers and facilitates seamless integration into North American supply chains.

        • Proximity and Infrastructure

      Nuevo Leon and Baja California border Texas and California, two of the largest US markets and trading hubs. These regions boast well-developed transportation infrastructure, ensuring efficient logistics. This strategic location minimizes delivery times and ensures responsiveness to customer demands in the US market.

          • Competitive and Qualified Production Costs

        Mexico’s competitive production costs provide a significant advantage for Asian companies entering the US market. They can price their products competitively while maintaining healthy profit margins. Additionally, Mexico offers a large pool of highly qualified professionals, including some of the best-educated talent in LATAM.

            • Strong Supply Chain Networks

          Mexico has established robust supply chain networks connecting to major US markets. Asian companies can leverage existing infrastructure and relationships with suppliers and distributors, facilitating a smooth entry into both Mexican and US markets.

              • Government Incentives

            The Mexican government actively encourages foreign investment through various incentives, including tax breaks, financial assistance, and streamlined regulatory processes. These incentives provide additional support for Asian companies entering the US market via Mexico.


                • Proximity and Access

              Nuevo Leon and Baja California serve as strategic hubs near the east and west coasts, connected by major trade lines. This provides unparalleled access to the LATAM market through extensive land networks, minimizing logistics costs and lead times. Their strategic position between the US and LATAM enhances their appeal.

                  • Free Trade Agreements

                Mexico has established free trade agreements with over 46 countries, including major LATAM economies like Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. These agreements significantly reduce tariffs, allowing Asian companies to import materials and export finished products with ease, boosting their competitiveness in the LATAM market.

                    • Large and Growing Consumer Base

                  LATAM boasts a population exceeding 650 million, representing a vast consumer base with diverse needs and preferences. These developing economies are gaining better access to many goods, offering Asian companies opportunities to expand their customer reach, diversify revenue streams, and achieve significant growth.

                      • Talent Pool and Cultural Affinity

                    Compared to other LATAM countries, Mexico offers lower production costs due to competitive labor rates, access to raw materials, and government incentives. Mexico also has a growing pool of skilled professionals, including engineers, technicians, and managers, to support Asian companies efficiently. Additionally, Mexico’s cultural proximity to Asia facilitates communication and collaboration, minimizing cultural barriers and fostering smoother business relationships.

                    CASE STUDIES

                    Several successful examples illustrate the advantages of establishing operations in Nuevo Leon and Baja California. Companies like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have established major manufacturing plants in these regions, leveraging the aforementioned benefits to achieve significant success in both LATAM and US markets.

                    Mexico is emerging as a key hub for the production of electric, hybrid, and combustion engine vehicles, highlighted by Tesla’s significant relocation of operations to Nuevo Leon. This development underscores the dynamic and growing nature of the Mexican and LATAM markets.

                    In 2023, the sale of Chinese cars in Mexico totaled 129,329 units, representing a growth of 62.7% over the 79,453 units sold by Chinese brands the previous year1 . This trend extends to other new technologies, including telecommunications, smart devices, wearables, and health products, as evidenced by the rise of brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, JAC, and MG.


                    Industrial parks in Nuevo Leon and Baja California offer Asian companies unparalleled opportunities for entering the LATAM and US markets. Their strategic location, robust infrastructure, competitive costs, and supportive government policies create an ideal environment for business success. As case studies demonstrate, companies that establish operations in these regions can achieve significant growth and market penetration.


                    1 Navarrete, F. (2024). Chinese cars are “putting the pedal to the metal” and increasing their sales in Mexico: What are the most reliable brands? El financiero.

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